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Some Reasons In Why Should You Use Bali Tour Driver Service

Bali is small and beautiful island with tropical climate. Its beauty has attracting more than 5 million tourists every year both foreign and domestic. Thats why, Bali now is crowded with tourists. Bali road filled with tourist transportation. If youre new in Bali, driving in Bali can be tricky. Long hours traffic jam is stressful. Small and narrow roads can lead you to the wrong direction.

Bali Tour Driver founded to help you enjoy the secret of the island. These are some reasons, why you should join The Bali Driver to manage your next Bali travel plan.

Getting the Most Out of Each Tour Group tours can sometimes be frustrating; it may be difficult to hear your tour guide amid the noise of a large group, you may be at the back of the group and unable to see the specific things your guide is pointing out or you may find the pace too fast or too slow. Private tours in Bali go at your speed, put you in the front row at all times and give you the time and space to ask as many questions as you like.

Flexibility When traveling around Bali, we provide tailor-made itineraries that fully meet your needs, budget and time frame. You are in the driving seat; you can rest when you feel hot or tired, you can linger longer in some places or take an unplanned diversion if you spot something of interest. Want to start out early or come back late at night so that you travel during the coolest part of the day? Private tours allow you to travel Bali on your own terms; they give you the ability to have the final word.

Ease of Transportation Our private Bali Travel are all run by qualified tourist guides/drivers who drive you from your base to each location. Our local knowledge of traffic hotspots, shortcuts and parking lots ensures you spend the absolute minimum time travelling and use your holiday time to your best advantage. Renting a car and driving alongside impatient Bali drivers on unfamiliar roads is simply a stress and expense you can do without. In addition to getting you from A-B, our driver guides point out places of interest along the way and spend time getting to know you and discussing all aspects of Bali.

Making the Most of Your Time Bali Guide understands that your holiday time is precious to you. We know that travelling alone can mean longer, indirect journeys, that groups can be delayed by latecomers and that those with only a little time to enjoy your Bali travel can become frustrated with the amount of dead time during their days. With private tours there is no wasted time we travel at a time and speed to suit you, we collect you and return you direct to your hotel and in doing so we maximize your sightseeing time, ensuring that you stay calm, relaxed and focused on fun not frustration!

Visiting Out of the Ordinary Sites You can give us your specific requests before a tour or tell us your areas of interest so that we can make suggestions. For a tour that is totally different and veers right off the tourist trail, you need a knowledgeable tour guide. Bali full of secret locations, as yet undiscovered by mainstream tours; make the most of our qualified guides local knowledge and let us show you the hidden side of Bali.

Worth Your Money On the face of it private tours dont seem like an option for those Who planning their Bali travel on a budget. However, if you factor in the total transportation costs of your family or traveling companions then you will soon find that taking a private tour in Bali may actually prove to be better value than you thought. In addition, the fact that you can see more on a private tour could negate the need for additional trips you may have planned. Our satisfied customers tell us that the friendly atmosphere and personal touch on our private tours is worth every shekel. Read their testimonials.

Hospitality On Bali Tour Driver you will have the benefit of a friendly tour guide who genuinely cares about giving you the best vacation in Bali possible. You will grow close to him throughout the day, as he shares with you his insights into the places you visit as well as day to day life in Bali. By the end of the trip, having shared all your adventures and experiences, he will be like one of the family and is sure to feature in many of your Bali Travel photos!

Shopping and Eating Out Most tourists like to purchase gifts for friends and family or buy special items to remind them of their Bali vacation. Our tour guides can help you avoid the cheap, tourist shops selling tacky, badly made goods and take you to shops and markets selling authentic local goods at reasonable prices. When you have shopped till you drop we can recommend local eateries; we can advise you on the diverse range of traditional and ethnic restaurants available throughout Bali, direct you to little known family run bistros and, for those who keep kosher, we can locate restaurants with your desired halal certificate for example.

Meeting Local Peoples Private tours give you the opportunity to meet local Balinese. Our tour guides understand that your tour of Bali is not just about sightseeing but also aims to improve your awareness of Balinese culture. Throughout your tour you have the opportunity to chat with our guides, learning not just about the sights but about daily life in Bali. Return home with a true understanding of Bali; having connected with its history and gained a true feel for the delights and dilemmas of living in Bali today.

Traveling with Your Family By far the easiest and most hassle-free way to tour Bali with children is on a private tour. Children have their own place which rarely fits into the strict itineraries of group tours. Our tour guides have a special way with kids; understanding their impatience for long journeys or detailed commentaries; they know how to keep your kids amused and content. We can also put together child-centered itineraries which put your kids at the heart of each tour.